Memorial Sign Program

For many years, the Colorado State Patrol, local law enforcement agencies and CDOT have made concerted efforts to take drunken drivers off the road before a traffic crash occurs. Despite these efforts, drunken drivers are involved in approximately 200 fatalities each year in Colorado.

On Nov. 1, 1994 legislation was passed to commemorate victims of DUI drivers and on May 20, 2004 legislation was also passed to commemorate fatal crash victims (non-alcohol/drug-related).

The signage program offers families of victims an additional opportunity to honor and remember their loved ones. The signs also serve as stark reminders to motorists and their passengers of the responsibility shared by everyone to drive safely and sober.

Pursuant to state law this program offers families an additional opportunity to honor and remember their loved ones who were victims of fatal crashes on a State Highway. The Colorado Department of Transportation will install memorial signs for traffic crash related fatalities at the request of an applicant who meets commission/program criteria (described in the linked form).