CDOT Annual Performance Reports & Plans

2012 CDOT Annual Performance Report

CDOT's Annual Performance Report is a record of the Department's performance in the past fiscal year against goals including those set by the Colorado Transportation Commission. The Department has condensed the report considerably for 2012, as many metrics previously included are now offered on, CDOT's new performance website. The Annual Performance Report going forward will serve as a yearly record of key metrics on the website.

2011 CDOT Annual Performance Report

The Annual Performance Report informs the public about CDOT’s performance in the last fiscal year measured against Transportation Commission goals and fiscally constrained annual objectives for system quality, safety, mobility and program delivery. Measures receive green, yellow or red lights based on how actual performance compares to annual objectives. CDOT expects this report to change in the coming year as a result of state legislation, the SMART Government Act, that mandates its format and publication date.

2010 CDOT Annual Performance Report

Each year, CDOT’s Annual Performance Report provides an assessment of the department’s ability to meet annual organizational objectives based on available revenue in its four investment categories: Safety, System Quality, Mobility and Program Delivery. In the Fiscal Year 2010 report, CDOT also includes a summary of system performance in relation to aspirational goals set by the Transportation Commission. In terms of driver safety and state highway bridges, CDOT made small strides toward Commission goals in FY 2010, in part thanks to dedicated funding provided through the Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery (FASTER) legislation. However, in other areas, such as pavement and maintenance, CDOT continues to experience expected declines in performance as a result of inadequate funding.

2009 Annual Performance Report

While the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided a one-time infusion of $404 million to address the backlog of delayed projects it is only a small portion of the $1.5 billion per year additional transportation investment recommended by the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel. FASTER legislation will help by contributing nearly $250 million annually to the funding shortfall and by repairing many poor bridges. But it represents only a portion of the amount needed to deliver a 21st century transportation system to Coloradans.

2008 Annual Performance Report

Being a good steward of the public’s tax dollars requires accountability and transparency. The annual performance report communicates the results of our efforts to deliver on objectives set by the Transportation Commission with the resources we are provided. As this report will demonstrate, CDOT has been effective at maintaining relatively high levels of service given limited resources.

2007 Annual Performance Report

Each year, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is provided with tax dollars that it must invest wisely to deliver positive results for Colorado’s drivers and communities. Since 1998, CDOT has prepared an Annual Performance Report to communicate the results of our efforts. As in past reports, performance is reported in the four categories where CDOT invests taxpayer dollars – Safety, System Quality, Mobility and Program Delivery. An update on the status of the 28 high priority projects approved by the Colorado General Assembly in 1999 is also included.