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CDOT conducts a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative (3C) performance-based, multimodal transportation planning process in accordance with federal and state requirements.

CDOT works closely with many planning partners throughout the state, including local officials in the ten rural Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) and five Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). MPOs and TPRs meet regularly to plan for their areas. The Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC), composed of representatives from each of the TPRs and MPOs, meets monthly to advise the Department on multimodal transportation planning. Planning partners and other stakeholders are also represented on other statewide bodies including the Statewide MPO Committee, Transit and Rail Advisory Committee (TRAC), and Freight Advisory Council (FAC). 

The transportation planning process develops several required planning products including a Statewide Transportation Plan (SWP), Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs), and Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). These products include both short-term and long-term goals and performance objectives for the multimodal transportation system, the identification of strategies to achieve these performance objectives, and priorities for investment in programs and projects. The most recent transportation legislation, MAP-21, requires a performance-based approach to planning. The Colorado multimodal transportation planning process reflects this performance-based approach to planning and incorporates extensive use of data and analysis to inform decision-making, including the establishment of goals and performance objectives, distribution of resources, and project selection.

The multimodal transportation planning process is coordinated by the Multimodal Planning Branch (MPB) in the Division of Transportation Development (DTD), in conjunction with the CDOT Regions. The multimodal transportation planning process includes extensive coordination both internally and externally. Primary internal partners include the DTD Transportation Performance Branch (TPB) and DTD Information Management Branch (IMB), Division of Accounting and Finance (DAF), Division of Transportation System Management & Operations (TSMO), and Division of Transit & Rail (DTR). External coordination includes planning partners, other stakeholders, and the public. The MPB coordinates planning activities, integrates planning products from different CDOT Regions and Divisions, incorporates input from planning partners, other stakeholders, and the public, and provides analysis and policy development based on a consolidated, statewide, multimodal perspective.

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