Staff Contacts

Transit & Rail - Administration

Transit Program

Office Location

Colorado Department of Transportation
4201 E. Arkansas Avenue, Shumate Bldg.
Denver CO 80222

Transit Program Tom Mauser
[email protected]
Manager -Transit Grants

Rob Andresen

[email protected]

Manager - Transit Planning & Infrastructure

David Averill
[email protected]

Grants Coordinator -
Front Range - Urban


Glenn Krause
[email protected]

Grants Coordinator -
Pueblo-Grand Junction/South
(Regions 4,5,8,9,10,15)

Brodie Ayers

Grants Coordinator -
Northern & Eastern


Jane Hickey
[email protected]

Data and Reporting Specialist

Qing Lin   
[email protected]

Transit Infrastructure Specialist

Jeff Sanders
[email protected]

Rail Program

Bustang/Bus Operations

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Transit and Rail Contacts

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Going Lean

Transit & Rail is Going LEAN!

"Everyone, Every day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, for Every Customer"
At the Colorado Department of Transportation we use Lean to help us deliver excellent services and programs to our citizens through the improvement of our operations. Everyone, every day is involved in enhancing the services and programs provided to our fellow citizens. At CDOT, we use Lean and our existing resources to create more value in the work we do on a daily basis to ensure our processes are effective and impactful.

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