US 6 Bridges Design Build Project

U.S. 6 over I-25 was originally constructed in 1958.

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The next major step for the US 6 Project comes the morning of Monday, Oct. 12, when eastbound US 6 traffic will move into its final alignment. To make this happen, however, there are two different ramp closures that must take place so crews can replace temporary asphalt sections of roadway with permanent concrete. These ramp closures and their associated detours include:

  • Both the eastbound US 6 off-ramp to Federal Boulevard and the Federal Boulevard on-ramp to eastbound US 6 will be closed beginning at 10 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5, and remain closed until 5 a.m. Monday, Oct. 12. 

    Throughout the week, eastbound US 6 motorists should plan to use Wadsworth or Sheridan. Eastbound drivers who miss these ramps can continue east to Osage and exit there to get onto westbound US 6 to reach Federal Boulevard.
  • The eastbound US 6 ramp to northbound and southbound I-25 will be closed beginning at 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9, and remain closed until 5 a.m. Monday, Oct. 12.

    While access to I-25 is restricted to eastbound US 6 drivers during the weekend, drivers should again plan to use Wadsworth or Sheridan and go north to Colfax Avenue or south to Alameda Avenue to reach I-25. Eastbound drivers who miss these ramps can continue east to Osage and exit there to get onto westbound US 6 to reach the ramps to I-25.

Click here to see the fact sheet on this work including detour route maps.

So what will drivers get in return for coping with the inconveniences of these ramp closures?

  • Eastbound US 6 traffic will be in its final configuration on permanent concrete pavement.
  • The Lowell Boulevard on-ramp to eastbound US 6 will reopen.
  • There will be better access to Bryant Street from eastbound US 6 via the collector-distributor lane between Federal and Bryant.
  • There will be a collector-distributor lane dedicated to accessing I-25 from eastbound US 6 meaning drivers headed for I-25 will no longer need to “compete” with merging traffic from Federal Boulevard. Anyone wanting to access I-25 from US 6 will need to be prepared to do so sooner. The decision point for continuing east on US 6 toward downtown or taking the collector-distributor lane to I-25 will now be at Federal Boulevard. This is several hundred feet to the west of where it had been before.

Click here to see a map of the changes that will go into effect Monday, Oct 12.

Next up is shifting westbound US 6 traffic into its final alignment. This work is currently scheduled to start the night of Friday, Oct. 16, and continue until the morning of Monday, Oct. 19. Shifting westbound traffic into its final configuration will require a full closure of westbound US 6 between I-25 and Sheridan Boulevard and closing the ramps from northbound and southbound I-25 onto westbound US 6.

When westbound US 6 traffic is in its final alignment, there will again be two westbound through lanes over I-25.

So what will the US 6 corridor look like when the project is done? Here are a few things that will look different when traffic is in its final alignment:

  • The Federal Boulevard on-ramp to westbound US 6 that currently merges in on the left side of the highway will ultimately merge in from the right. 
  • The westbound US 6 off-ramp to Federal Boulevard will be a right-hand exit. Drivers traveling west on the CD lanes from I-25 will still exit to the left to access Federal. 
  • When the eastbound US 6 CD lanes are complete, drivers wanting to access I-25 will enter into the barrier-separated collector distributor lanes near Federal Boulevard and continue along these lanes parallel to US 6 to make the direct connection to I-25.
  • I-25 drivers wanting to travel west on US 6 will follow the westbound CD lanes and merge in with US 6 west of Federal Boulevard.

For a more thorough explanation of how these collector-distributor, or CD lanes, will function, click here.

Ongoing Impacts:

Commuters are advised to use caution and drive carefully through the new traffic alignment on US 6. Lanes have been narrowed slightly and the posted speed limit reduced to 45 mph.

Ongoing traffic impacts currently in place:

  • The southbound I-25 off-ramp to eastbound US 6 is closed and will reopen in summer 2015.
  • The Lowell on-ramp to eastbound US 6 will remain closed until Summer 2015.
  • The Bryant Street on and off-ramps are also closed for about one year for construction of the collector-distributor roads on both sides of US 6.
  • The Osage Street on-ramp to westbound US 6 is closed while crews continue reconstruction of the US 6 bridges over I-25 and the BNSF railroad tracks. To detour around this closure, motorists should take Osage Street to 3rd Avenue, 3rd Avenue to Santa Fe Drive, Santa Fe Drive to 8th Avenue, 8th Avenue to Kalamath Street, and Kalamath Street south to access westbound US 6.
  • All lanes on Federal Boulevard have been narrowed and southbound Federal is reduced to two lanes as efforts are under way to rebuild this bridge over US 6.

Explore Commuting Options

If you find it too stressful to drive through the US 6 corridor while it is under construction, you might want to explore alternative modes of transportation. This could include using the Regional Transportation District’s West Rail Line or bus services. Click here for information on RTD’s light rail service. For information on bus fares and schedules, click here.

Exploring carpool or vanpool services is another option you might want to pursue. Click here to access an online trip planner where you can input your starting location and destination address into a database to see if there are existing carpool or vanpool services in your area.

If biking or walking are more your speed for short trips, click here for tips on getting to your destination by foot or bicycle.

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