The documents included in the Reference Documents are for information only and are not Contract Documents to be relied upon by the Contractor except to the extent specifically provided by the Contract Documents (excluding the Proposal Documents). Cross-references in the Contract Documents to the Reference Documents do not incorporate the Reference Documents or portions of the Reference Documents as Contract Documents or requirements, except to the extent explicitly identified by the Contract Documents (excluding the Proposal Documents).

The Contractor is not required to conform to the drawings included in the Reference Documents although such documents contain design solutions and other information that the Proposer may find valuable in meeting the requirements of the Contract Documents and in reducing Project costs.  The Reference Documents may contain cost-effective design solutions.  Nonetheless, regardless of the level of completion or suitability of any portion of the Reference Documents, THE CONTRACTOR SHALL BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PROJECT DESIGN AND CDOT SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR OBLIGATION AS A RESULT OF DESIGN WORK CONTAINED IN THE REFERENCE DOCUMENTS.  The Reference Documents are provided solely for Contractor’s reference and are without representation or warranty by CDOT, unless specifically stated otherwise in the Contract Documents or the ITP.