Description of Work

Phase I Public Meeting & Telephone Town Hall Completed

A public meeting and telephone town hall were held in early January. 

Recognizing the unique nature of this corridor, CFL and CDOT combined their expertise and resources to design and construct final repairs. The intent has been to stabilize areas that failed during flooding and to “armor” banks of the river channel, reducing possibility of future river impacts to the highway.

This approach has included shifting the roadway away from the river channel 5 to 50 feet (an average of 20 feet) by removing portion of existing mountainside (approximately 250,000 cubic yards). A portion of rock generated from blasting portions of the mountain was used to stabilize and protect the slopes near the river to reduce effects of future runoff and flooding. Leftover materials have been donated to local agencies, towns, and counties to help with their repair efforts.

Once complete, the improved stretches of roadway will be 12-foot lanes with 6-foot shoulders. Pre-flood, there were 12-foot lanes with minimal shoulders. Not only will the additional shoulders help widen the highway, but the shoulders will also help improve safety by providing space for emergency pull-offs and making it safer for bicyclists. Furthermore, by softening some of the mountain curves, sight distance will be improved along several of the more severe curves on US 36, including Dead Man’s Curve and the approach to Longmont Dam Road.