US 36 Apple Valley Road Detour FAQ

Q. Why do we need the detour?

During the flood, the road was washed out near milepost 18.  When the road was rebuilt in November, it was purposely left low so we could get it open quicker so you could return to your home.  Now we have to go back and rebuild the road from the west Apple Valley Road Intersection to around MP 19.  In this area, we will bring the road up to the correct elevations (as much as 10’ in some areas) using the appropriate materials and construction practices.  If we were to do this while accommodating traffic, it would take significantly longer to safely complete the mile-long stretch.  CDOT has been working with Boulder County Transportation and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office to grant us approval and help us implement the Apple Valley Road detour that will occur from 6am on July 29th to 6am on August 9th, the road will open for the weekend to all traffic from 6am on August 2nd to 6am on August 4th.


Q. Who is getting credentialed?

Residents that have a physical address along Apple Valley Road, CR 71, Pinewood Springs, CR 80 (Longmont Dam Rd), Big Elk Meadows (CR 47), and any resident along US 36 from Milemarker 6 to 20.

Q. When and where do I get my access tag?

Residents are getting a two-week notice via social and electronic media of the detour timing.  During the two week time period credentialing will occur.  Ideally, we would like all residents to pick up their tags before the closure.  In instances where residents are not able to get their tags, they will be issued during the closure upon providing appropriate proof of residency documentation.  Please pick up your tags during the two-week credentialing period prior to the closure on July 29th. Tags can be picked up when the appropriate documentation is shown in Lyons and at the Pinewood Springs Fire Station.  These locations and times will be communicated via social and electronic media shortly.

Q. What will I need to receive an access tag if I live within the credentialing boundaries?

Three documents are needed in order to receive a tag 1) valid driver’s license, 2) a valid vehicle registration, and 3) an official document showing the physical property’s address (bill, deed, etc.).  One tag will be issued per vehicle.  If you do not have the appropriate documentation, special cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the time of credentialing.

Q. What if I have a delivery or guests coming to visit?

If you have a delivery or workers coming to your house, please ensure they have an invoice or documentation proving that they are doing work with your property address clearly indicated.  If you have a guest visiting during the closure, please tell them to be prepared to answer who they are visiting and the physical address where they are going.

Q. Will you be limiting the road closure so it doesn’t conflict with local events?  Why did the closure change from eight days to nine days?

Between Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lyons, Pinewood Springs, bike/running races, and Planet Bluegrass Events, almost every summer weekend is booked with what some people consider major events.  Per the contract, CDOT allowed the contractor to have the road closed for a consecutive eight-day period.  The contractor recently provided the closure dates and upon coordinating with law enforcement, that will be working the checkpoints, and local towns and counties, it became clear that a weekend closure would greatly negatively impact events.  CDOT and the contractor worked together to find a solution that could mutually benefit all parties, including the publice.  CDOT decided to open the road to all traffic over the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd so all motorists will be able to use US 36.  The contractor will encounter inefficiencies of having to prepare the road for the weekend so CDOT is allowing an extension of the eight day closure to nine days.

Q. Where will the checkpoints be located?

The road check points will be at the east Apple Valley Rd/US 36 intersection around MP 20 and around MP 6 on US 36.

Q. What will be done in Lyons and Estes to help direct people to take SH 7 and US 34?

Extra signage and efforts will be in place during the US 36 closure and detour so motorists know ahead of time to use the left lane to access SH 7.  Signs in Estes will clearly state that US 36 will be closed at MP 6.

Q. Will bicyclists be allowed to use the detour?

Recreational bicyclists will not be allowed within the project limits at any time throughout the duration of the project.  Recreational bicyclists will not be allowed on Apple Valley Road during the detour.  If a person’s MAIN form of transportation is a bicycle, they will be allowed to use the detour if they are properly credentialed and permitted.

Thank you for being patient with the construction activities.  We are looking forward to leaving you a better and much safer road come Fall of this year!