US 36 Phases of Construction

What happened during Phase I of the project?

Phase 1 (January 2014 through June 2014) was focused on activities needed to be completed before the major spring runoff, specifically blasting into the mountainside to realign the road away from the river. This phase involved extended road closures and an approximate 20-minute optional SH 7 detour that required patience from residents, businesses and tourists.

What will happen during Phase 2 of the construction?

Phase 2 (July 2014 through late Fall 2014) will have significantly less impacts to residents, businesses and tourists. The work will involve crews constructing the remaining necessary embankment, road base, asphalt, signing/striping and safety features to repair the highway on a long-term basis.  Due to the increase of vehicles traveling on US 36 during the summer, traffic will be maintained during the day, and no weekend daytime construction will occur. Delays of up to 15 minutes during the day can be expected due to necessary lane reductions. Additionally, there may be occasional longer delays overnight.

The anticipated contractor for the project, Kirkland Construction, will need to close the entire road between milemarkers 18 and 19 for eight consecutive days at some point during the construction. Residents will be given notice at least two weeks in advance of the closure. Apple Valley Road will be used as the detour for credentialed local residents and businesses only. Residents that live along US 36 from MP 10.7 to MP 20, including residents in Big Elk Meadows, Pinewood Springs, Longmont Dam Road and Apple Valley, will be credentialed. Boulder County Sheriff Department will be manning the detour to ensure only credentialed residents and deliveries are allowed. Other traffic will need to go on SH 7 or US 34 during this closure.