I-25 Rockrimmon Bridge Maintenance & Preventative Work

Project Facts

  • Contractor(s): Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, LLC.
  • Location: Between the Garden of the Gods Road exit and Woodmen Road on I-25 (The main area of work consists of the Rockrimmon-Nevada interchange complex, constructed in 2007.)
  • Timeline: Spring 2018 through December 2018

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has completed work on a bridge and driving surface preventative maintenance project near the Interstate-25/Rockrimmon-Nevada interchange. The $12 million project was part of the ongoing CDOT Asset Management/Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program that began approximately ten years ago to extend the life of the state’s bridge structures to 75 years.This program focuses on asset preservation and replacement and does not fund projects that increase the capacity of Colorado’s transportation system. To qualify for asset-management funding, projects must be able to demonstrate, with a quantified performance measure, the benefit of additional investment. Additional local bridge projects that have benefited from this program include bridges on Woodmen Road, US 24, Colorado Avenue and Milton Proby Parkway.

"CDOT's focus on Asset Management (maintaining our system) was demonstrated as a job well done for this critical and heavily traveled I-25 corridor through the heart of Colorado Springs,” explained Karen Rowe, Region 2 Transportation Director. “I-25/Nevada-Rockrimmon now provides a smooth ride and safe travel for recreational travelers, commuters, and the freight traffic that use this statewide critical corridor."    

Bridge preventative maintenance, including waterproofing and an asphalt overlay, was the purpose for the project. The work extends the life of the bridge structures and the overall pavement along I-25. The Interstate was widened to the median in line with future improvements and provides a safe area for stranded vehicles. 

Project activities completed:

    • Maintenance of ten bridges including expansion joint replacement, waterproofing membrane, and installation of asphalt overlays to protect and extend the life of the bridge decks.
    • Concrete panel replacement was performed where needed to extend the serviceable life of the overall pavement along I-25.
    • A variable overlay of asphalt paving over existing roadway pavement and concrete bridges provided a maintainable surface and improved the ride quality.
    • Safety improvements also included upgraded guardrail, restriping and wider shoulders
    • A right turn lane at northbound I-25 off-ramp to Woodmen Road (Exit 139) was added. Motorists now have three right turn lanes from the ramp to continuous lanes on eastbound Woodmen Road. New traffic turn lights were installed.
    • Permanent repairs completed at the crescent-shaped crack located in the auxiliary lane of northbound I-25, south of the Rockrimmon Boulevard exit. This area was planned to have a temporary safety overlay of asphalt, but ongoing monitoring identified that concrete panel replacement provided a stable and a permanent solution.

Crews also will address surface preventative maintenance by:

  • replacing concrete panels where needed to extend the serviceable life of the overall pavement along I-25.
  • replacing curbs and gutters at the Woodmen Road interchange to extend the life of adjacent pavement/sidewalks.
  • paving slope to prevent loss of bridge abutment backfill.
  • restriping to add a continuous east turn lane at the Woodmen Road northbound exit ramp to improve traffic flow and safety.

Safety improvements include:

  • upgrading guardrail to meet new 31-inch standards.
  • replacing centerline guardrail with concrete barrier for ¾ of a mile on I-25.
  • restriping I-25.
  • using new technology and innovation to provide longer-lasting materials.
  • patching cracked concrete with asphalt in the east northbound lane, south of the exit to Rockrimmon Boulevard.

Settlement at this site is complex, due to deep fill with variable qualities and characteristics. By paving the road and concrete bridge decks with asphalt, this work will provide a maintainable surface and improve the current ride qualitys.

A hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement overlay is considered the best option from the standpoints of safety, economics, efficiency, traveler impacts and road-user costs.


The I-25-Rockrimmon interchange is heavily traveled, with approximately 120,000 vehicles per day. 

Crews performed the following work to extend the road's and the concrete decks' lifespan.

  • Replace expansion joints;
  • Install waterproof membrane;
  • Install asphalt overlays to protect the bridge decks;
  • Replace concrete panels on I-25;
  • Replace curbs and gutters at the Woodmen Road interchange;
  • Pave median and place barrier on I-25 for future shoulder pavement and median barrier;
  • Pave broken slopes;
  • Improve drainage at bridge approaches and on I-25;
  • Upgrade guardrail to meet current standards;
  • Replace a 3/4-mile stretch of guardrail with a concrete barrier;
  • Restripe on I-25 to add a continuous east turn lane at the Woodmen Road northbound exit ramp;
  • Improve ride quality through various paving processes and landscape work;
  • Improve traffic control and signage; and
  • Patch cracked concrete with asphalt in the east, northbound lane of I-25, south of the exit to Rockrimmon Boulevard.

Which Bridges Were Affected?

  • Northbound and southbound Mark Dabling Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Rockrimmon Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Monument Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Nevada Bridge
  • Northbound Mark Dabling Off-Ramp Bridge and Southbound Mark Dabling On-Ramp Bridge

The majority of work took place Monday through Friday, with some weekend work. The project delivered on budget.

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