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Record of Decision (ROD)

Final I-70 Record of Decision

ROD Appendix A

ROD Appendix B


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Final PEIS Document

Final PEIS Individual Sections for Download

Complete Document (57MB)

Appendix A, Context Sensitive Solutions

Appendix B, Section 106 Programmatic Agreement

Appendix C, Consensus Recommendation

Appendix D, Stream and Wetland Ecological
Enhancement Program (SWEEP) Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix E, A Landscape Level Inventory of
Valued Ecosystem Components (ALIVE) Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix F, Response to Comments (61MB)


Technical Reports

Volume 1
Travel Demand

Volume 2
Transportation Analysis
Alternatives Development and Screening
Alternatives Development and Screening Appendices
Cost Estimates

Volume 3
Climate and Air Quality
Biological Resources
Biological Resources Appendices
Wetlands and Other Waters of the U.S.
Water Resources

Volume 4
Geologic Hazards
Regulated Materials and Historic Mining
Land Use and Right-of-Way
Social and Economic Values
Environmental Justice

Volume 5
Visual Resources
Recreation Resources
Historic Properties and Native American Consultation
Section 4(f)

Volume 6
Cumulative Impacts
Financial Considerations
Public and Agency Involvement

Front Matter

Executive Summary


Chapter 1, Purpose and Need

Chapter 2, Summary and Comparison of Alternatives

Chapter 3, Affected Environment and
Environmental Consequences Introduction

Chapter 4, Cumulative Impacts Analysis

Chapter 5, Financial Considerations

Chapter 6, Public and Agency Involvement


List of Preparers



Distribution List


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