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Demi Deherrera

"My kingdom, my bones" – Debbie Deherrera

Q2: How long have you been creating urban art? How many years have you been an artist in the Denver-metro region?

I have been a part of denvers photo community for about 5 years, and participated in urban art every year and a half

Q3: In 3-5 sentences, please describe your piece for 'duct-work.

This piece highlights a child, taking charge of his world and exploring his territory. This was how I grew up; learning and taking pieces of the land and space given to me.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind your piece for 'duct-work?

This piece was a culmination of my childhood and connection with the Colorado landscape growing up. Being native, I knew that my heritage was in the land. As a child, I thought it was my reigning territory. We would ride, take pride and ownership of the surrounding area.

Q5: What is your preferred medium or method for urban art? 

I tend to work primarily freehand and with photography

Q6: What other urban art pieces have you created in the city?

I've done a few pieces with local shops like "Pie Hole" but not much else

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