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Javon the Unique

Q1: What was the name of your piece for 'duct-work?

A1: The name of the previous piece was called Montonicle Sufre.

Q2: How long have you been creating urban art? How many years have you been an artist in the Denver-metro region?

A2: I’ve been creating urban art since 2009, I was a graffiti artist before.

Q3: In 3-5 sentences, please describe your piece for 'duct-work.

A3/A4: My piece for the Duct Work was inspired by Microbiology. Owning a microscope gives me a different depth of perception on things we cannot see with our own eyes. I like blue and yellow.

Q5: What is your preferred medium or method for urban art? 

A5: I prefer to use Behr Paint from Home Depot or Montana Gold Spray Paint, if I dont have those I’ll use what I can to get the job done.

Q6: What other urban art pieces have you created in the city?

A6: At the moment, all of the pieces I created on other buildings have been torn down or renovated. The last few pieces I have left are on both sides of Massif Studios and one inside. Currently I have done more canvases and there are a few around Colorado, one inside of Aurora Public Library and another in DSST Conservatory Middle School.

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