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Chris Haven

Q1: What was the name of your piece for 'duct-work?

A1: N/A

Q2: How long have you been creating urban art? How many years have you been an artist in the Denver-metro region?

A2:I have been doing this since I was about 15, so almost 25 years now.

Q3: In 3-5 sentences, please describe your piece for 'duct-work.

A3: It was just a fun piece that my long time friend Emit wanted to collab on. We discussed couple different scenarios and this is what came to fruition.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind your piece for 'duct-work?

A4:The inspiration was the combo of nature and a decaying landscape.

Q5: What is your preferred medium or method for urban art? 

A5:Spray paint is definitely a favorite of mine. The longevity and quickness can't be beat!!

Q6: What other urban art pieces have you created in the city?

A6:There are ton, just go look around.

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