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Paige Madden

 What was the name of your piece for 'duct-work?

Red Bridge, Blue Sky

Q2: How long have you been creating urban art? How many years have you been an artist in the Denver-metro region?

1 Year

Q3: In 3-5 sentences, please describe your piece for 'duct-work.

An assemblage of found objects painted red and blue and then fixed to the wall to represent an anatomical human heart. The assemblage was paired with an original poem, an interpretation of the viaduct and its surroundings and the impact of art on the public.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind your piece for 'duct-work?

My inspiration are the colors red and blue. With a little change in perspective one will notice that the colors appear in all of our surroundings. The colors can even be found within ourselves, our hearts. This realization opened my eyes and my heart. I saw my environment differently and this piece was a direct response to our current consumer culture and the harm it does to our planet and ourselves.

Q5: What is your preferred medium or method for urban art? 

I prefer found object art, and using the colors red and blue. This may include photography, installation, mural, sculpture, drawing, collage, poetry, dance, performance, song or fashion.

Q6: What other urban art pieces have you created in the city?

I worked on the Project on Colfax in January of 2016.


'duct-work - Artist Photos

'duct-work - Artist Photos

'duct-work - Artist Photos

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