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Patrick McGregor

Q1: What was the name of your piece for 'duct-work?

The name of the first piece I did of my bulldog was called “field of dreams” and the second portrait of my Doberman is “squirrel”

Q2: How long have you been creating urban art? How many years have you been an artist in the Denver-metro region?

Most of my early body of work has been hand painted advertising on the sides of buildings and have basically been using the same tools to create these oversized portraits that I paint now. I’ve been hitting my native city of Denver as much as I can since I’ve moved back in 2012.

Q3: In 3-5 sentences, please describe your piece for 'duct-work.

The piece I painted for 'duct-work is an abstract, geometric 9x60' mural composed of 2 simple rotating, repeating shapes and 4 colors. I took the opportunity for this project to explore large forms so the overall piece would read quickly for those who drive by, and implemented rotating shapes to mimic the the movement of the traffic.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind your piece for 'duct-work?

The inspiration behind my pieces has to do with my love for dogs, I like photographing animals and I feel they deserve immortalization with paint when I need a subject. I have many paintings of my bulldog all around town, an ode to Evel Kneivel on 29th and Walnut, W. Colfax and Tennyson, also E. Colfax and Spruce among others.  

Q5: What is your preferred medium or method for urban art? 

I also did some murals in the Convention center and put him in there as well and a recent one near Cluster studios for Colorado Crush called “big blue” Otherwise I will paint a portrait of someone or thing relevant to the area of the mural such as the Einstein on the back of atomic cowboy on Broadway (atom-Einstein... get it?)

Q6: What other urban art pieces have you created in the city?

My preferred way to paint is with oil based enamel and/or artist oils, drawing it out with a grid system, then painting with brushes and rollers.

'duct-work - Artist Photos

'duct-work - Artist Photos

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