I-70 Vail Underpass

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Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $21.4 million
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic:
    29,000 (I-70)

Project Team

  • Contractor(s): Kraemer North America LLC

This project will:

  • Add an I-70 underpass near I-70 mile point 175, connecting the north and south frontage roads between the Main Vail and West Vail interchanges. (The project does not add additional I-70 exits/interchanges into the Town of Vail.)
  • Help relieve congestion at the interchanges and prevent vehicles from queuing at the I-70 exits at Main and West Vail.
  • Help reduce repetitive I-70 local traffic by providing a direct connection between the core resort village areas and the West Vail mall area.
  • Enhance multi-modal transportation options within the Town of Vail.
Phase 4 Map

The South Frontage Road detour has been realigned down on the South Frontage Road and will remain there through project completion this fall. Although the detour alignment has been shifted, the Frontage Roads will remain in their Phase 4 traffic configuration—the South Frontage Road will serve eastbound drivers only, while the North Frontage Road will serve westbound drivers only.

Note on Closures & Access

The underpass and project area on the North and South Frontage roads will remain closed to the public until project completion this fall. To maintain project safety, bicyclists and pedestrians are not allowed through the project site; they must use the detour routes along the Gore Creek Trail and North Recreation Path.

Plan your drive using this project webcam. Select "Control" and then "Positions" to view construction from different angles.

Phase 4 will focus on the construction of the underpass roundabouts. The area beneath the underpass also needs to be fully built, including brick pavers, curb and gutters, and lighting elements.

The underpass will also feature elevated sidewalks, requiring the installation of pedestrian guardrails. There will also be finder detail work—namely landscaping and aesthetic components in 2017.

Anticipated work hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, as all work is weather dependent, crews may need to do additional nighttime and/or weekend work to stay on schedule.

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