Southbound I-225 Restriping & Lane Addition from Yosemite Street to I-25

CDOT is conducting a pilot project to reduce congestion on southbound I-225 in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) area by converting the shoulder into an additional lane. This will be done by restriping less than a mile of southbound I-225 from Yosemite Street to I-25.  

Reduce congestion: The restriping project is expected to reduce delays by more than 50 percent on one of the most congested bottlenecks in the region.

Access restrictions: Drivers on DTC Boulevard, Yosemite Street and E. Quincy Avenue who get on southbound I-225 where it merges with I-25 will not have access to southbound I-25, but they will be directed to northbound I-25. This is necessary to prevent weaving and improve traffic flow on southbound I-225. Other ways to get on southbound I-25 are Belleview and Orchard to the south and Hampden to the north. Drivers on southbound I-225 prior to Yosemite Street will still have access to both southbound and northbound I-25. 

Schedule & Traffic Impacts

  • Construction is under way, taking place at  nights on southbound I-225, with at least one lane open to traffic. Construction will last through mid- to late November.

  • During the weekend of Nov. 3, crews placed a concrete barrier along the shoulder area on the right side of southbound I-225 where it splits off at I-25.
    • This shoulder operates as a lane taking on-ramp traffic from DTC Boulevard, Yosemite Street and E. Quincy Avenue to northbound I-25.
    • As of  Sunday morning, Nov. 5, the barriers are installed and this traffic cannot weave left across southbound I-225 to take southbound I-25. This traffic is directed to northbound I-25.
    • The barriers will be permanent as part of the pilot project to reduce congestion on southbound I-225.  
  • During the weekend of Nov. 10, crews restriped southbound I-225 from Yosemite Street to I-25. Preparation work took place the other nights.
  • With better traffic flow on southbound I-225 as a result of the additional lane, traffic will enter northbound I-25 more quickly, which may slightly increase northbound congestion. Southbound I-25 is not expected to be impacted.
  • Drivers should watch for slightly more narrow lanes.
  • Improved traffic flow on southbound I-225 is anticipated to reduce cut-through traffic on local roads in the DTC area,  Greenwood Village and neighborhoods north of the DTC Boulevard on-ramp.


  • Cut traffic delays in half
    With traffic back-ups extending over three miles on southbound I-225 during peak travel times, CDOT estimates that converting the shoulder to a lane will reduce traffic delays by 50 percent.
  • Cost-efficient and fast construction
    The cost of this project is less than $1 million, and the work will take up to a month to complete—as compared to spending $65 million to build additional lanes and rebuild bridges, which would take a couple of years to complete. The restriping is a pilot project, and it will be evaluated and monitored for effectiveness.

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