What Will YOU Lose? Campaign

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Impaired driving is shunned in our society. Yet every single day people get behind the wheel, drunk or high, and risk the safety of everyone around them. Some may not consider the consequences, assuming "it will never happen to me." But the fact is that impaired drivers do get caught—an average of 77 every day in Colorado—and the consequences are severe.

Colorado's Felony DUI Law

In 2015, Colorado enacted a new law making an individual's fourth DUI conviction automatically eligible for a class 4 felony charge. The goal of the law is to greatly increase consequences for repeat DUI offenders and remove them from Colorado's roadways.

What Will YOU Lose?

To draw attention to the consequences of a DUI in Colorado, CDOT is launching What Will YOU Lose? This campaign features DUI offenders speaking about what they've lost because of their DUI conviction, and urging others not to make the same mistake.

What Will YOU Lose? features real Coloradans—not actors—who share their stories in hopes of preventing other people from driving impaired. Some offenders are currently serving time in the Colorado Department of Corrections, while others who are not incarcerated have lost their licenses, jobs and more.

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