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Motorcycle fatalities in Colorado continue to rise at an alarming rate - nearly 1 in 5 traffic fatalities in 2011 were motorcyclists.

CDOT's Office of Transportation Safety and Public Relations oversees programs and public awareness campaigns in an effort to reduce that number and keep Colorado roadways safe.

36% of riders killed in motorcycle crashes in 2011 were under the influence of alcohol. To deter riders from drinking and riding, CDOT launched the “Don’t Ruin the Ride” campaign in summer of 2012. The campaign reminds motorcycle riders that if they’re drinking, they have options other than riding.

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Live to Ride

CDOT's Live to Ride campaign is designed to help motorcyclists of all skill levels ride safely, have fun, and most importantly, stay alive. Live to Ride endorses three primary safety messages:

  • Get Training: Lack of training is a factor in Colorado's fatal motorcycle crashes.  Motorcycle riders were found to be at fault in 7 out of 10 fatal crashes.
  • Ride Sober: Impaired riding is also a major problem. 36% of riders killed in motorcycle crashes in 2011 were under the influence of alcohol.
  • Wear Proper Protective Gear: Nearly two-thirds of the riders killed in Colorado last year were not wearing a helmet or were wearing it incorrectly.

Just as football players are required to suit up for the big game, or pilots must complete hundreds of hours of training in order to fly solo, riders need to wear protective gear and get proper training to know how to handle their machines. And riding sober, well, that's just common sense.

For more information on Live to Ride or to get involved, please contact us.

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The MOST program and Colorado 's Live to Ride motorcycle safety campaign is administered by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

If you have specific questions about the MOST program, contact Emiliano Barela, CDOT, 303-757-9383 or

For media and public relations questions, contact Sam Cole, 303-757-9484 or

If you have questions or concerns about general motorcycle rider issues, including comments on road engineering or maintenance concerns, click here.

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