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Bottle and Throttle:  A Deadly Combination

Riding a motorcycle takes special skills, concentration, balance and coordination under normal conditions, so you can imagine how quickly alcohol or drugs can turn a perfect ride into a perfect nightmare.

In Colorado, 40% of riders killed in motorcycle crashes in 2009 were under the influence of alcohol.

National statistics show that the percentage of legally intoxicated motorcycle riders in fatal crashes is greater than the percentage of legally intoxicated drivers of passenger cars, SUV's or pick-up trucks. And far too many suffer debilitating injuries as a result of impaired riding, particularly among middle-aged riders and baby boomers.

How Much Is Too Much? Colorado Impairment Laws

Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI): your ability to ride is impaired to the "slightest degree" or your blood alcohol concentration is as low as .05.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI): you are "substantially incapable" of riding or your blood alcohol concentration is at or above .08.

Bottom line: No matter what you drive, it is a crime to do it under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Choose To Ride Sober

The safest choice is to never ride after drinking even one drink of alcohol. However, if you're planning a night out, plan for a safe ride home. Some alternatives to drinking and riding:

  • Get a ride from a sober friend
  • Take public transportation or cab
  • Leave your bike in a secure area
  • Know your limits and have only 1-2 drinks over several hours

The Heat Is On is Colorado's high-visibility enforcement campaign that combines increased DUI enforcement with a strong public awareness campaign geared towards drivers of all motor vehicles.

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Rider Stories

Bruce Downs:
"My experience, along with proper training and skills practice, saved me from being in a serious crash. I also know that if I had been even slightly impaired, I could not have executed the appropriate life-saving maneuver in a timely manner." 

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