Archived Problem ID Reports

2016 Problem Identification (ID) Report

You can use this document to support community-based approaches to improve Colorado Road Health, and to identify risk factors. (From 2012 - 2014, Colorado’s motor vehicle involved fatalities increased from 474 to 488.)

2013 Full Problem Identification (ID) Report

In order for the Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) to direct its limited resources in the most effective manner, the OTS conducts an annual analysis of Colorado crashes and traffic safety data and presents the information in the Problem Identification Report. The FY2013 Problem Identification Report examines trends in Colorado crash, traffic safety and injury hospitalization data at the state and county levels.

2012 Problem Identification (ID) Report

7MB - Final Report. For the most part, the figures are self-explanatory. However, the figures titled “Involvement in injury crashes by driver age and gender, 2011” require some explanation. Each bar in the figure represents the ratio of drivers in that category in an injury crash to the number of licensed drivers in that category. For example, in Figure 23, you’ll see that 23 year-old males have an involvement score of 2. Let’s assume that 23 year-old male drivers were involved in 3% of all of the injury crashes in Colorado and that 23 year-old male drivers account for 1.5% of the licensed Colorado driving population. The involvement score is simply the ratio of these two numbers (3/1.5 = 2).