Seat Belt Awareness Campaign - 2016

Year of the Seatbelt 2016

When you don’t buckle up, you endanger more than your own life.

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Statistics show that in a crash, an unbuckled passenger or driver increases the risk of serious injury or death to other occupants by 40% [1]. Furthermore, the chances of dying in a crash go up by 25% when another person in the car is not wearing their seat belt [2].

What many passengers and drivers alike often fail to consider in not buckling up is how unsecured occupants continue moving, sometimes at high speed, during a crash. Within the vehicle, they become projectiles capable of seriously hurting or killing other occupants.

This physical reality applies to anyone regardless of their position within the car. In fact, an unbelted rear seat passenger increases the risk of fatality for the driver by 137% compared with a belted rear seat occupant [3].

The dangers posed by an unbelted driver can also extend well past the car itself. An unsecured driver who swerves to avoid a collision or obstacle can easily be thrown into the passenger seat and lose control of the vehicle, endangering other vehicles and pedestrians alike. [1]

Whether behind the wheel or in the back seat, every occupant in a vehicle is vulnerable to the physical forces of a crash. So even if you buckle up every time, don’t be afraid to ask others to do the same.


[2] and American Medical Association

[3] Bose, D.; Arregui-Dalmases, C.; Sanchez-Molina, D.; Velazquez-Ameijide, J.; and Crandall, j. 2013. Increased risk of driver fatality due to unrestrained rear-seat passengers in severe frontal crashes. Accident Analysis and Prevention 53:100-4.

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