8 Things You Don't Know About Seat Belts

These tips and facts could save your life.

  1. Even A Slow Roll Won't Help You.
    Many people think they don’t need a seat belt when driving slowly on city streets or in rush hour traffic. That’s a bad assumption; even crashing at 25 mph is like falling from a second-story window. Ouch.

  2. Beware of the Human Wrecking Ball.
    Even if you’re buckled, if someone else in the car isn’t, he/she could fly into you during a crash and cause serious—or even fatal—damage.

  3. The Back Seat Won’t Save You.
    The stats are terrifying on how many people don’t buckle up when they're riding in the back of a cab or rideshare. You're no safer in the back seat than the front. No cab has magical properties that protect you from flying through the windshield or colliding with someone else in the car.

  4. Outta Here…
    …and not in a good way. Being unbelted in a crash increases your chances of being ejected from the car by 3,000 percent—and the chances of survival become very slim if that happens.

  5. Cars Are Hard; People Are Soft (Mostly).
    In the event of a crash, your soft tissues (brain, spinal cord and internal organs) can sustain serious damage. Seat belts, however, hold you by your hips and sternum—two of the strongest parts your body has to offer.

  6. Show Me the Money!
    Seat belts don't just save lives. Increasing seat belt use could save our state (and you) lots of money. According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes cost Colorado more than $623 million each year in medical expenses and work-loss costs.

  7. Think Outside the Box.
    Many unbelted crashes end in a tragic death. However, many do not. Sustaining serious injury because you were unbelted can leave you debilitated and dependent on friends, or family for the rest of your life. Find more information, and download visual resources or educational materials.

  8. Common Sense Isn't Always That Common.
    A quarter of people who don’t wear seat belts believe seat belts don't improve safety. Help spread the word. One person convinced could be one life saved.

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