About the Campaign

The Beware of the Beltless campaign was created to address the public health crisis of unrestrained fatalities in Colorado, paying special attention to those that think not buckling up is a victimless crime—because it's not.

Unbuckled passengers in vehicles pose a serious risk to those around them and can act like a dangerous projectile in the event of a crash. Exposure to unbelted occupants increases the risk of injury or death to other occupants in the vehicle by 40 percent.

In response, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is continuing its fight against unbuckled fatalities in 2017 through continued public outreach and education efforts that encourage every resident and visitor to Colorado to buckle up.

And we’re not doing it alone. We'll be working alongside partners in health care, transportation, law enforcement, and commerce.

Along with traditional and earned media outreach and advertising, we have innovative plans to spread our message to the people of Colorado. So start seeing unbuckled passengers differently, and don't be afraid to tell others to buckle up

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