CDOT Sparks Up the Cannabis Conversation for 2019

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CDOT gained unique and valuable insight last year into the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of cannabis users and non-users through its marijuana-impaired driving campaign, The Cannabis Conversation. The campaign surveyed more than 12,000 Coloradans and held virtual focus groups and public meetings to listen and learn from participants in order to better influence future public education and outreach campaigns.

Phase II of the campaign launches in early February – focusing this year on providing more methods for public input, especially for ad and creative campaigns set to launch in 2020. For the very first time, CDOT will ask the public, cannabis users, non-users, industry stakeholders, law enforcement, and healthcare and community organizations to vet and offer feedback on which of four campaign concepts resonate and may be the most effective in deterring drugged driving behaviors.

A small pilot survey is already underway, and upcoming tactics will include:

  • A broad survey open to the public.
  • Public, stakeholder and industry meetings across the state, from Grand Junction to Pueblo to mountain communities and again in metro Denver — to discuss solutions with participants and make plans to implement them at the grassroots level.
  • The production of documentary materials and an advertising campaign to highlight progress, updates and increase campaign transparency.
  • A refreshed campaign website offering progress updates, marketing and education resources available to the public, law enforcement, and civic organizations.

While many tactics are still in the production phase, Coloradans can expect a CDOT report highlighting insights from Phase I of the campaign, as well as the launch of an updated website in early February.

In addition, CDOT is seeking stakeholders in government, the cannabis industry, healthcare, law enforcement, and nonprofit groups to join the conversation. For more information on how to get involved, email CDOT Safety Communications Manager Sam Cole at [email protected]. The campaign will run from early February through May 2019.