Recent Study Finds Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Have Potential to Lessen Crashes, Injuries and Deaths

Traffic Safety Pulse - January 2019

As safety technologies continue to develop in the automobile industry, there is the potential for increasing the number of lives saved in crashes. The advancement of forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assistance (LKA) and blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems all have the end goal of making every driver on the road safer.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that “the technologies examined are estimated to have the potential to prevent a combined total of approximately 40 percent of all passenger-vehicle crashes, 37 percent of injuries that occur in crashes involving passenger vehicles and 29 percent of all deaths in crashes that involve passenger vehicles.” The table above projects the number of lives saved if drivers had these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

These technologies are becoming commonplace in newer vehicles, providing added awareness of a driver’s surroundings.

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