CDOT Launches Do One Smart Thing Campaign

Traffic Safety Pulse July 2019

This year's DUI prevention campaign takes a humorous approach by tapping into a universal truth; we’ve all done something stupid after a few drinks. Texting an ex. Breaking out an embarrassing dance move. Hot tubing in your business suit. But the dumbest thing you can do is get behind the wheel when you shouldn’t. You don’t always know how a few drinks can affect your ability to drive. Fortunately, there’s a pocket-sized way to know your blood alcohol content with one simple blow. This campaign normalizes breathalyzer use by reminding Coloradan's to do one smart thing, "Breathalyze Before You Drive." Look for the ads via Posters and Bus Tails around town, In-Bar Coasters, Mirror and Door Clings, as well as Radio, Digital Banners, and Social ads launching mid-July.

As part of this year’s The Heat Is On campaign, CDOT will again partner with BACtrack, a leading personal and professional breathalyzer company, to urge Coloradans to check their blood-alcohol content (BAC) to confirm they are sober before they drive. Through the partnership, breathalyzers will be offered at a 50% discount for Colorado residents from July to September, or while supplies last. To receive the discount, visit to purchase a BACtrack device.
Traffic Safety Pulse July 2019

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