Kudos to amazing work by Chaparral High School

With the help of a 22-member Chaparral High School DECA Officer Team, leaders Quinn Bang, Brock Mullen and Sami Kuhns recently completed a year-long safe driving program. Their Rise Above the Risk theme was used and focused on the top five risks that lead to car crashes.

Each risk was assigned a day during Drive Safe Week, Oct. 29 through Nov. 2, 2018. In the months following Drive Safe Week, one risk was highlighted each month to further drive home their safe-driving message for the rest of the school year.

The top five driving risks are speeding; distractions (phones, food, passengers); drowsiness/sleepiness; non-use of seat belts; and impaired driving.

The messages changed daily during Drive Safe Week and highlighted these specific risks and associated activities:





Monday Speeding Driving Faster Can Cause Disaster Flight for Life Helicopter, Sheriff's Deputies
Tuesday Distractions Stay Alert. Stay Alive. Lunchtime games, assembly
Wednesday Drowsiness Night Doubles Traffic Troubles. Glow sticks, Sleep Poster
Thursday Seat Belts It's the Law. It's Your Life. Buckle Up. Dum Dums or Smarties, depending on seat belt use
Friday Impaired Driving Drive High or Hammered, End Up in the Slammer! Drunk goggles

Media both inside and outside the school campus was used to help broadcast the message, including the local Parker Chronicle newspaper, the student-run newspaper Chaparral Crier, Wolverine Weekly for parents, and social media posts on Twitter and NextDoor. Flyers on windshields and pledge posters were used throughout the school as visual reminders, in addition to announcements over the public-address system.

Through their efforts, Chaparral High School placed 2nd at the DECA State Leadership Conference, which allowed them to advance to International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida, in April.

2018-10-16 CO Chaparral HS License to Survive Parent Night Partner .jpg
2019-01-18 CO Chaparral HS Glow at Chapapalozza 2.png
2019-02-06 CO Chaparral HS Think Fast Assembly.JPG

Congratulations Chaparral High School!