What's your reason? "Reasons Road Trip" listens to Coloradans about seat belt use

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Last year, the Everyone Has a Reason to Buckle Up campaign engaged community leaders and influencers in Colorado—firefighters, nurses, military personnel and mothers, among others—to share their reasons for buckling up. This year, the Reasons Road Trip captured stories from Coloradans in Weld, Adams and El Paso counties—those with the highest number of unbuckled fatalities—about why they buckle up.

The goal was to share real stories and experiences that will inspire those who don't buckle up to find their reason to buckle up, every time. CDOT representatives visited local businesses, parks, universities and public spaces to talk to Coloradans directly, and find their reasons for buckling up.

Coloradans across the state are encouraged to share their own reason for wearing a seat belt.

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