Changing Drugged Driving Behavior — Engaging Coloradans to Develop Campaign That Resonates

Traffic Safety Pulse - March 2019CDOT is striking up The Cannabis Conversation again this year and officially launched Phase 2 of the agency’s marijuana traffic safety campaign by releasing new insights from its 2018 survey. CDOT is inviting the public to help the agency and its partners explore possible solutions to the complex issue of marijuana and driving.

This year, The Cannabis Conversation will use public input to create a new traffic safety PSA ad campaign that warns of the dangers of driving high. CDOT will use online focus groups and online surveys to gather input from the public, the marijuana industry, law enforcement, healthcare groups and community organizations.

Building on insights and feedback from 2018, CDOT will continue to work with stakeholders and the public to collectively develop practical, grassroots solutions to keep Colorado’s roads safe in an environment where regular marijuana use is a part of many people’s daily lives.

In the coming months, CDOT will host gatherings across the state to involve the public in identifying solutions, as well as help CDOT design education campaigns for 2020 and beyond. This process will be documented through video and online updates in an effort to keep the public informed as to how their feedback is shaping the campaign.

View a summary report of CDOT’s findings from The Cannabis Conversation here.