Child Passenger Safety Spring Roundup

Traffic Safety Pulse Newsletter - May 2019

Spring is here and CDOT is helping parents, caregivers and car seat safety technicians get a fresh start with updated materials, opportunities and resources:

  1. Become a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician: Inspect car seats and provide outreach and education in your community. Car Seats Colorado, a joint operation between CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol, oversees the work of the technicians and is looking for more Coloradans passionate about car seat safety to become certified Child Passenger Safety technicians. For more information and to register for a certification course, visit
  2. Already a technician? Check out the updated car seat check form: An updated and easier to use digital car seat check form provides detailed instructions for car seat technicians in English and Spanish. To download the form, follow the link here:
  3. Keep your child safe with the 4-stage car seat safety brochure: While an inspection from a certified technician ensures correct fit and installation of your child’s car seat at the time, it is critical for parents to continue to monitor their child’s growth and evolving car seat needs over time. This spring, Car Seats Colorado updated a 4-stage car seat safety brochure to help guide parents and caregivers in selecting the correct car seat for every stage of their child’s life. The brochure is available to download at -
  4. Become an ambassador: In addition to car seat technicians, Car Seats Colorado has a network of ambassadors who provide direct lines of communication with communities across Colorado and help provide educational resources and opportunities for parents and caregivers. Interested individuals can click here to sign up and learn more.  

Learn more about available resources here: