¡Manos al volante! CDOT and Allstate Unite Against Distracted Driving

Traffic Safety Pulse News

CDOT recently joined forces with Allstate Insurance, at the Mile High Flea Market in Adams County to talk with attendees about distracted driving and the importance of keeping both hands on the steering wheel (manos al volante).

According to research conducted by AT&T, U.S. Hispanics may be more prone to smartphone distracted driving than the general population with 83% admitting to using their smartphones behind the wheel. That compares with 71% of Americans nationwide.  

The goal of the outreach was to draw the public's attention to the risks and dangers of distracted driving. Allstate agent, James Muniz, said, “It can be easy to get distracted while driving, especially with the addition of new gadgets and technology in vehicles.” Toss in the added distractions of putting on makeup, eating, drinking, and conversations with passengers and a driver’s focus is no longer on the road… where it should be.

Over 200 attendees engaged in one-on-one conversations while pledging to “put down the phone” and keep our roads safe.


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