Breathalyzer Brunch Teaches Coloradans About BAC Limits

CDOT Breathalyzer Brunch 1As part of this year’s The Heat Is On campaign, CDOT will again partner with BACtrack, a leading personal and professional breathalyzer company, to urge Coloradans to check their blood-alcohol content (BAC) to confirm they are sober before they drive. Through the partnership, breathalyzers will be offered at a 50% discount for Colorado residents from July to September, or while supplies last.

To kick off this year’s campaign, CDOT hosted a “Breathalyzer Brunch” at Spanky's Road House. About 20 Coloradans participated in the event. Following a few brunch cocktails and classic creole entrees, attendees were asked to check their BAC with BACtrack breathalyzers. As brunch progressed, attendees tracked their BACs with the breathalyzer to gain a better understanding of their drinking limits and using breathalyzers as DUI-prevention tools.

Representatives from BACtrack and CDOT attended and provided brief remarks about the extreme dangers impaired drivers pose and making smart decisions — like using a breathalyzer — before driving.

Brunch participants received a free breathalyzer for attending the event. After learning how to use the BACtrack devices, participants can check their BAC wherever and whenever they have their next drink to help them make informed decisions and not get behind the wheel impaired. View photos and videos of the event here.

Those unable to attend the Breathalyzer Brunch can visit to purchase a BACtrack device.