Project Onboarding Toolkit

Access Web Communications Tools

  • Website: Request a website by submitting content
  • MailChimp: Send project e-Newsletters
  • Twitter: Request a project hashtag


  • Email: Request a project email address.
  • Facebook: Request a Facebook project sub-page.

Provide Customer Service

  • Dialog: Submit a request to do one of the following:
    • Set up an online customer service account for your team and its projects.
    • Add a person to an existing team account.
  • Reset your Password: Request a new password for your account.



Request Art

  • Request a project logo and/or graphics.

Step 1: Communicate About Your Project

Start by requesting and/or setting up your project's digital communications presence.

Important rule of thumb: The name you use when communicating to the public about your project should give people a good idea of the project's location and the work being done while differentiating it from any past or future work in the area.

  1. Set up a project email address.*
  2. Set up a project phone number.
  3. Request a project website.
    Please submit, at minimim, project summary content with your request.
  4. Request a project logo and/or graphics.
  5. Request a MailChimp project newsletter account.
  6. Request a Twitter hashtag.
  7. Request a Facebook subpage.*

Exception: If you're managing a Tier 1 project, you may request this resource from CDOT.

Step 2: Track and Respond to Feedback

All projects must be added to CDOT's customer service system, Dialog, where you and the CDOT team will track and respond to customer questions and feedback. CDOT will provide all its public information consultants Dialog accounts, which can be linked to the projects each group manages and the individuals on each team.

  1. Request a Dialog account for your company/organization. (Move to the next step if you've already done this.)
  2. Request a new project be added to your Dialog account.
  3. Request a new consultant be added to your Dialog account.
  4. Complete Dialog training.
  5. Request a new Dialog account password.

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