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Do trailers need to be chained up on commercial vehicles?
No. Chains are required on cabs only.

Must hazardous material tankers and transporters comply with the chain law?
Yes. Vehicles placarded for flammable, combustible, or explosive loads may pass the chain-up signs and install their chains where pavement is covered by snow or ice, at a safe location outside the traveled portion of the highway.

When can chains be removed?
Call 511 for current chain law status.  The chain law will cease where bare descending pavement is encountered, and when electronic signs cease to display 'chain law in effect' information.

Where are chain-up stations for commercial vehicles?
I-70 Eastbound: Mileposts 178, 183, 184 (shoulder), 187 (shoulder), 195, 203 (scenic area), 205, 219, 228, 241, 251, 289, 343

 I-70 Westbound: Mileposts 358, 263, 260, 254 (Buffalo Overlook), 228, 223, 221, 219, 213, 197, 179 

I-25 Northbound: Milepost 157
I-25 Southbound: Milepost 172

What about passenger vehicles?
A chain law restriction for vehicles weighing less than 26,001 lbs. including passenger vehicles, crossovers, SUVs, and small trucks can be put into effect in Colorado at any time when weather conditions are severe,primarily on roadways with significant ascending and descending grades.

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