Mobility Data Integration

What is Mobility Data Integration?

Mobility Data Integration projects focus on the ability to gather and use data to improve mobility as a service. Projects look at data from all types of modes: transit, micromobility such as e-bikes and scooters, biking, walking, carpools, and vanpools. CDOT will use the data to improve access to other modes, reduce congestion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Transit Emission Dashboard

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s interactive Transit Emission Dashboard tracks and quantifies greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by transit vehicles in the State of Colorado. This user-friendly dashboard displays emission reductions associated with replacing single occupancy vehicle trips with transit trips, along with the progression from internal combustion buses to zero emission buses.

CDOT Transit Emissions Dashboard

Preview of Transit Emissions Dashboard

Online Transportation Information System (OTIS)

Online Transportation Information System (OTIS)

CDOT Online Transportation Information System is the access point to information frequently used for transportation planning and project development. Information is provided on current and projected traffic volumes, state highway attributes, summary roadway statistics, and geographic data.

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Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Micromobility Data

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Micromobility Data

The Denver Regional Council of Governments’ regional transportation planning process is inherently multimodal in scope and cross-jurisdictional in practice. Following the quick launch of dockless bikeshare in the region, it became clear that regional collaboration was essential to a coordinated response and approach to shared micromobility. Over the past few years, with the addition of electric scooters and electric bikes to shared micromobility fleets, state lawmakers and local policymakers have been working to create a regulatory environment that both enhances safety and mobility while simultaneously upholding civic goals.

DRCOG - Shared Micromobility

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