Business Center

ConstBiddingInformation for bidding on highway and bridge construction projects for the State of Colorado as well as consultant management opportunities.

Graphic Design Tools 05Information about Standards and Specifications used during the design and construction of CDOT projects.

PermitsCDOT permit information and applications that are available on-line.

BiddingAll vendors will be required to be registered with CDOT and most bidding/solicitation processes will be performed through the vendor facing portal, with the exception of highway construction bidding.
BudgetsFiscal information can be found here regarding the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), CDOT Annual Budget, and Federal Program processes.

rulesInformation about Rules that are within the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission of Colorado.
CivilRightsPromotes equal access to and participation in CDOT programs and activities.

Connect2DOTA one-stop website providing small businesses with all the news, information, and resources needed to compete in the Colorado transportation industry.
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