FHWA 1391

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Annual Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report is required for all federal-aid construction contracts. The Annual EEO report collects employment data, specifically highlighting employment of racial/ethnic minorities and women, from all construction contractors with active federal-aid contracts valued at $10,000 or more during the designated reporting period. Accurate reporting of data is imperative to maintain federal funding for future CDOT Federal-Aid Highway Construction projects.

The FHWA 1391 report effectively summarizes a contractor’s project labor force as of the last full pay period prior to the end of July. If a contractor did not perform any work (i.e. they do not have certified payroll) during the last full pay period prior to the end of July, they are not required to submit information for that project.

Any prime contractor and subcontractor (regardless of tier) on active CDOT Federal-Aid Highway Construction projects valued at $10,000 or greater, including Local Agency projects with federal funding, during the final full pay period of July must submit workforce employment information by Aug. 18, 2023 to successfully complete their FHWA 1391 report as required.

Contractors and subcontractors will maintain all payrolls in LCP Tracker and will also be able to submit their EEO reporting information via LCPtracker. 

Detailed instructions for ensuring successful submission of the EEO Report will be sent to prime approvers via email.

For questions about the submission process in LCPTracker contact L. Catherine Wood at [email protected] or 720-990-7266.