FHWA 1391


Submission of FHWA Form 1391 - Federal-aid Highway Construction Contractors Annual EEO Report, is required from both prime contractors and subcontractors (with subcontracts that equal or exceed $10,000) on federally funded contracts that have construction activity during July. The report is not required for contracts that are only state funded.

Contractors are required to report the last FULL pay week they worked on a CDOT project in July.

This may indicate you are reporting a different week for each CDOT project. The reporting week(s) may be between July 1-31, depending on when your payroll week starts. Contractors must report their own PROJECT workforce and ensure that all subcontractors that were active during the reporting week also submit their information electronically. For most federal projects, the submission format will be through LCPtracker.  Contractors will input their payroll and administrative workforce through LCPtracker, and CDOT will pull a report that has all pertinent information that the contractors will put in.  For all other projects not in LCPtracker, the required format for submission is via an Excel spreadsheet. Please note that PDF versions will not be accepted.

Contractors must ensure that their active subcontractors submit their payroll to LCPtracker by August 13th, 2021.  Prime approvers must finish checking payroll by August 20th, 2021.  Once contractors have entered all payroll information into LCPtracker, CDOT will then be able to pull all of the reporting information needed based on the information that the contractors have submitted.

For legacy projects and local agency projects that are not in LCPtracker, subcontractors must submit the Excel document to the prime prior to submission to CDOT. Please read the instructions carefully prior to completing the form. The hard copy reports are to be filed with the Contract/Labor Compliance Manager at [email protected]. Contractors shall also copy project engineers on the FHWA 1391 submittal. Failure to submit the required information (either through LCPtracker or through the use of the spreadsheet) may result in future estimate payments being withheld. 

When emailing the manual spreadsheets, please title the subject line as follows:

Region number (if known)
CDOT Project Sub Account Number (five-digit number)
the name of the contractor or subcontractor (i.e., R3/18245 ABC Contractor)

The directions and report can be downloaded using the links at left. For all other questions about the report, please contact L. Catherine Wood at [email protected] or 720-990-7266.