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The state legislative liaison is responsible for outreach efforts with members of Colorado's General Assembly. Primarily, the state legislative liaison develops and advances CDOT's annual legislative agenda while serving as the department's representative in the Colorado State Capitol during each legislative session.

The legislative agenda is developed with the input of CDOT's executive management team and approval of the Transportation Commission in close coordination with the governor's office.

The legislative liaison advises the executive director, executive management team and Transportation Commission on pending issues before the state legislature, and provides strategic and analytical support to identify potential impacts of legislation to the department.

For specific questions, please contact State Legislative Liaison at 303-757-9703.


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Olivia Martinez
Office Manager
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Jennifer Uebelher
Transportation Commission Liaison

Legislative Liaison

Aaron Greco
Local Liaison

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Research & Communications Coordinator

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Rules, Policies, and Records Administrator

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Policy Advisor

CDOT at a Glance
  • * Maintains, repairs and plows over 23,000 total lane miles of highway
  • * Maintains 3,447 bridges
  • * Oversees 28 billion miles of vehicle travel annually
  • * Plows about 6 million lane miles each year
  • * Spends $69 million annually on snow removal
  • * Keeps over 35 mountains passes open year-round
  • * Monitors 278 of 522 avalanche paths
  • * Administers about $11 million in federal grants for transit operators and $41 million in federal aviation grants for airports
  • * Manages over $5 million in federal grants for safe driving programs
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