Colorado State Infrastructure Bank (CO SIB) Information

State Infrastructure Banks (SIB) are revolving infrastructure investment funds for surface transportation that are established and administered by states. A SIB, much like a private bank, can offer a range of loans and credit assistance enhancement products to public and private sponsors of Title 23 highway construction projects, Title 49 transit capital projects, and Title 49 (subtitle V) railroad projects.

SIBs give states the capacity to increase and make more efficient use of its transportation funds and significantly leverage Federal resources by attracting non-Federal public and private investment. 

SIBs can be capitalized with Federal-aid surface transportation funds and matching State funds. As loans or other credit assistance forms are repaid to the SIB, its initial capital is replenished and can be used to support a new cycle of projects.

The SIB Loan Program was enacted by the Colorado Legislature in 1998 and adopted by the Colorado Department of Transportation in 1999. This unique funding source is supported by the Colorado Transportation Commission and helps fund transportation facilities with funds available through a low-interest revolving loan program.

If you have any further questions pertaining to the Colorado SIB Program and information about how to apply for an SIB loan, please contact the SIB Manager, Patrick Girten.

SIB Loan Documents

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