Business Center

OFMB Contacts

Jeff Sudmeier 303-757-9063 Chief Financial Officer
Selected Group Contact Names
Bethany Nicholas 303-757-9585 Budget Director
303-757-9061 STIP Analyst/Project Program Specialist
Cassie Rutter 303-757-9394 Annual Budget Manager
Patrick Girten 303-757-9407 Budget Operations Lead
Ryan Long 303-757-9332 Fiscal Analyst
Cheryl Knibbe 303-757-9499 Revenue Analyst & CO SIB Admin
Brent Forgues 303-512-4920 Budget Analyst
Katie Wagnon 303-757-9395 Annual Budget Analyst
Eric Ehrbar 303-757-9581 Federal Aid Team Manager
303-757-9730 Federal Aid and Budget Analyst
Sara Grusing 303-512-4186 Federal Aid Billing
Paige Cipperly 303-512-4914 Local Agency Budget Analyst

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