Close-Out Civil Rights Compliance Elements

Close-out Civil Rights compliance elements training guides & process map for Local Agency construction contracts.

Local Agency Construction Contracts

Training Guides

Training materials are in development & will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers in the process map. 

  • no training guides. Review process map for details.
  • 13-1 Evaluate DBE participation and OJT Achievements
  • 13-2 Consider Additional Information & Document Recommended Sanctions
  • 13-3 Evaluate all Other Remaining Civil Rights Elements
  • 13-4 Sign Certification of Compliance Form and Submit
  • 13-5 Close Project in LCPtracker System
  • 13-6 Close Project in B2GNow System

Process Map

13-0 Close-Out Civil Rights Project Elements.png

Download PDF of Close-Out Civil Rights Compliance Elements process map (print-friendly)