DBE Program Compliance

DBE program compliance & requirements for Local Agency construction contracts.

DBE Compliance Team on Local Agency Construction Contracts

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Visit the DBE Compliance Overview page for requirements & responsibilities

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    Visit the DBE Compliance Overview page to learn more about DBE program compliance on design-bid-build construction projects, including an explanation of DBE commitments, counting, and Good Faith Efforts. 

    Authority for the USDOT's DBE program is codified in 49 CFR Part 26, but CDOT's approach to implementation and administration of the program can be found in the CDOT DBE Program Manual.

    Getting Help

    For help navigating the B2GNow system, please contact:

    Cat Wood, Subcontractor Compliance Specialist

    For help with DBE compliance on your project, please contact:

    Region Civil Rights Offices

    For more information about how CDOT administers the federal DBE program, please contact:

    Jun Arcilla, DBE Program Manager