Labor Interviews

Labor interview training guides & process map for Local Agency construction contracts.

Local Agency Construction Projects

Labor interview (Form 280) (Monitor EEO) 

Training Guides

All training materials listed below are in development and will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers on the process map. 

Proj. Oversight LA Icon.png  LA & CDOT Project Oversight

  • 6-1 Identify Employee and Conduct Interview
  • 6-2 Conduct Desk Audit Verification
  • no training guides. Review process map for details.
  • 6-3 File Completed Form 280

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Process Map

6-0 Labor Interviews_ Form 280 (Monitor EEO).png

Download PDF of Labor Interviews process map (print-friendly)

Getting Help

If you have more detailed questions about certified payrolls, project labor compliance, or system navigation of LCPtracker, please contact your Region Civil Rights Specialist.