Approve Subletting & Accept Suppliers

Approve subletting and accept suppliers training guides & process map for Local Agency construction contracts.

Local Agency Construction Contracts

Training Guides

Training materials are in development & will be uploaded upon completion. Training guides correspond to step numbers in the process map. 

  • 8-4 Review Application 
  • no training guides. Review process map for details.
  • 8-5 Review Application for Approval

 State email address required in order to access Civil Rights documents

  • 8-1 Confirm Account Creation In B2GNow
  • 8-2 Determine if Company will be Performing as Subcontractor or Supplier 
  • 8-3 Complete Prime Contractor portion of Form 205 or Form 1425 &s Submit

Process Map

8-0 Approve Subletting and Accept Suppliers.png

Download PDF of Approve Subletting & Accept Suppliers process map (print-friendly)