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Workforce Development at CDOT

RISE_2C_Blue+Orange_SCREEN.pngBuilding Colorado's Highway Construction Workforce

CDOT spends taxpayer dollars on highway construction and improvement projects by hiring private contractors to provide the actual labor. Their ability to hire, train, and retain quality workers directly influences the cost of the job for taxpayers. As a result, CDOT invests in what’s called “construction workforce development” through its Resources to Improve and Support Employment (RISE) program.

By partnering with Pueblo Community College's Corporate College, RISE is able to offer free Introduction to Construction training to Colorado residentsRISEUp Intro to Construction graduates have priority placement with CDOT contractors, and contractors receive an OJT hours incentive for hiring RISEUp graduates, creating a mutually beneficial workforce development synergy.

Learn More About RISE

For more information, please contact:
Emily Crespin, RISE Program Manager
[email protected] or (833) DOT-RISE toll free

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