Bond Assistance Program Overview

CDOT's Bond Assistance Program (BAP) helps Emerging Small Businesses become Prime Contractors on CDOT Construction and Maintenance projects by guaranteeing 50% of a small contract bond.

The ESB BAP is available to firms that are ready to move from subcontracting into prime contracting directly with CDOT but are unable to obtain the necessary bonds to do so. The BAP can be used on CDOT contracts up to $3 Million.

Ideal firms for the BAP:

The Details

  • Does not apply to Local Agency Projects
  • Firms may only use the BAP on one contract; after one CDOT-backed bond, firms are no longer eligible for the Program
  • Funds control with a designated management company is required with a fee to management company of .75% of total contract amount
  • Surety fee is 2% of total contract amount

All other elements of the Bidding Rules & CDOT contract requirements apply

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