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The Engineering Applications team supports a variety of software (e.g., AASHTOWare, Project Bids, etc.) that helps to manage more than $1.4 billion in projects annually.

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Construction (SiteManager)Laying of Road

CDOT's construction software, AASHTOWare SiteManager, is a comprehensive construction management tool that tracks, reports, and analyzes contract data from contract award through finalization.

Materials (LIMS)Cement trucks

CDOT's material tracking software, SiteManager Materials (LIMS) records, tracks, and reports on material samples and test results from job sites, plants, and test labs.

Project BidsBridge Demolition

The Project Bids software streamlines the bidding process, providing CDOT with control over the bid letting process while facilitating bid submittal for contractors.


CDOT is preparing to pilot several eConstruction apps and mobile devices in the next few months which includes site inspection (e.g., daily work reports), blueprint markup and sharing, PDF file editing, project management, and an ADA inventory app.

Innovative ContractingCrane installing bridge component

In conjunction with the publication of the 2016 Design Build Manual, the Engineering Applications team has created several innovative user guides that provide an additional level of support and guidance when using any Engineering Applications software.  

The four (4) guides include:

Bridge and Pavement ResourcesPavement

Bridge Resources

CDOT offers a variety of bridge application programs.  Here you will find:  Metric Bridge Geometry User Manual, Bridge Geometry Project Coordinate Converter User's Guide, and COGO Manual.  Access bridge applications and documentation here.

Pavement Resources

A variety of pavement resources have been made available including:  Asphalt 03, CDOT Work Zone-User, Concrete 03, Noise, Translator, and Voids 03.  Access pavement applications and documentation here.

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