Flowchart 2A: Consultant Management and Monthly Reimbursement

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It is important to understand that any work performed on federal-aid projects prior to authorization is not eligible for federal reimbursement. If you hire one or more consultants to design your project, the consultant(s) may charge eligible costs to the project only after CDOT has provided notice to proceed to you and you have issued notice to proceed with design to the consultant(s).

Billing charges with proper pay documentation should be submitted by consultants once a month to your project manager during project development and at project completion.

You should review all consultant requests for reimbursement to make certain all charges are reasonable, eligible and allowable in accordance with federal and state rules and regulations. You should also review all supporting pay documentation and end dates, and work with the consultant to ensure the monthly reimbursement request is correct prior to issuance of payment.

Upon resolution of all outstanding issues, you will process the consultant reimbursement request for payment and pay the consultant. You should keep a copy of the consultant's invoice and your pay voucher to include in the documentation of your request for reimbursement to CDOT. The final bill from the consultant for project development shall be marked "FINAL."